Planning for Impact

Planning for Impact

Last month Glasswing convened its senior leadership team at our annual summit in Antigua, Guatemala. Over the course of five days of important meetings, we ensured our position to best implement programs and allow for our donors to deliver the most impact possible. Field staff joined the senior leadership to share their first-hand experiences and insights from on-the-ground within the communities where we work.

Glasswing International began in 2007 with three employees and an annual budget of $300,000. By 2023, we have grown to over 600 employees and thousands of volunteers, impacting over 2.2 million lives and directing more than $75 million in funds towards life-changing health and education programs!

Ken Baker, the CEO of Glasswing International said of the summit, “It fills me with pride whenever I am able to spend time together with our dedicated and talented team. Sharing ideas and experiences, with so much to do, we don’t often get time to appreciate all we have been able to accomplish. The passion of our staff amazes me, and it is so critical to the challenges we continue to take on.”

In our 15-year history, Glasswing has expanded our programs to 12 Latin American and Caribbean countries and New York City, while maintaining our headquarters in El Salvador.

We’re looking forward to continuing to mobilize youth and communities to address the root causes and consequences of poverty, violence, and forced migration. Together we will keep building partnerships across governments, private sectors, and civil society – bringing them together to take action, in support of communities.