We partner with corporations to design and implement signature programs that address local needs while also contributing to corporate sustainability and employee engagement.

Signature Programs

Collaborating with corporations, we conduct market and needs assessments to help companies understand their social impact and jointly design and implement sustainable solutions.

Employee Giving

We engage corporations and their employees to make a difference through corporate gifts, employee matching programs, and campaigns.

Public Institutions & Foundations

Partnering with public institutions and foundations, we deepen and strengthen our impact and reach by designing and scaling programming, fostering shared learning and collaboration, and contributing to evidence-based research and studies


Skills-Based Volunteers

We provide opportunities that leverage the expertise and skills of professionals to further our mission. This includes medical professionals, lawyers, accountants, designers, communications professionals, and more.

Volunteer Trips

We welcome supporters to visit our programs and experience first-hand the impact they have on children’s lives, working together to plan and tailor their experience.


Events & Campaigns

We host events and campaigns to raise awareness of our work and showcase the generosity of our partners and supporters.

Supporter Events & Campaigns

We facilitate our supporters to run their own campaigns, whether they want to pledge their birthday, run a marathon, or host an event in support of our mission.

Speaker Series & Presentations

We jointly host speaker series and presentations to showcase our partner’s programs and to join in on pertinent dialogues and discourse.

Annual Benefit Gala

We host our Annual Benefit Gala to celebrate our accomplishments among supporters, partners, and friends, raising the critical funds needed to further our mission.

For more information or to get involved,

please contact [email protected] or call (646) 370 - 1930.