Glasswing International, based in the Global South, is an organization with fifteen years of experience and proven results in mental health work. We develop and implement diverse programming in Latin America and the Caribbean, putting mental health at the center of solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time. Our work has been extensively evaluated by the World Bank and other organizations.

We build trauma-informed mental health ecosystems in partnership with public health providers, educators, law enforcement, government and migration officials and the private sector. We work to design local solutions, increase access to critical mental health support, and make mental health a priority in local and international development agendas. Evidence has shown that these areas of work — both independently and collectively — deliver deep community impact.

As Latin American communities face poverty, violence, migration, and the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health is more important now than ever. Our team of international development experts and mental health specialists brings proven approaches to addressing mental health with a wide range of community and institutional stakeholders. Our goal is to equip as many individuals and organizations as possible with the ability to carry out mental health interventions, services or meet broader programming goals that will allow for positive and sustainable change.

What We Offer

  • Integrate and adapt Glasswing programs– We adapt Glasswing’s proven and successful programs to fit various needs and contexts.
  • Program Design and Implementation – We design and implement programs to meet local and specific needs, working directly with government, schools, and health facilities.
  • Advisory Services– We offer advisory services to community based organizations, publicly managed agencies and institutions that are part of the national health system, the criminal justice system and law enforcement, the formal and non-formal educational system, and local government managed agencies.
  • Mental Health Trainings and Workshops– We provide mental health trainings and workshops with government officials, corporations, police departments, and more.

Our Expertise

  • Violence Prevention
  • Trauma-Informed Youth Development
  • Capacity Building for Healthcare Professionals
  • Forced Migration and Displacement
  • Gender: Girls Programs and Positive Masculinities
  • Community Peacebuilding
  • Psychological First Aid for First Responders and Law Enforcement
  • Access to Safe Public Spaces

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