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Costa Rica is well-known for its global environmental leadership, relative economic stability, and tranquil lifestyle, making it an attractive tourist destination in comparison to its Central American neighbors. But the country – and particularly its young people – continue to face persistent social and economic inequalities.

Approximately 20% of Costa Rica’s 4.7 million inhabitants live in poverty. Those most affected by economic disparities are the country’s indigenous, Afro-descendent, migrant, and refugee populations. In spite of high primary education enrollment rates, the country’s laws do not require more than three years of secondary education, leading to a drop in enrollment rates at this level of schooling. With approximately 30% of its population under the age of 20, access to quality education is crucial to ensuring Costa Rica’s economic and social progress.

Since 2014, Glasswing Costa Rica has provided education, mental health, nutrition, community empowerment, and employment & entrepreneurship programs that have impacted thousands of community members across the country.


Costa Rica

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