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Glasswing International is an innovative non-profit that addresses the root causes of poverty and violence through:

850,000+ lives impacted

Our Stories

A Survivor of Social Violence Speaks Out

“Six or seven people started beating me. I felt scared, overwhelmed… I couldn’t do anything,” said 21-year-old Jaime, a survivor of violence who sought medical care at Nejapa’s Health Clinic, where Glasswing implements the Sanando Heridas (Healing Wounds) program in partnership with USAID, the Inter-American Development Bank, and the Government of Japan. The program’s objective is to break the cycle of violence addressing victims with trauma from a holistic perspective.

Working with migrant youth in New York

Since the spring, Glasswing has been working with students at International High School at Union Square (IHS-US), a New York City public school for migrant youth. Almost half of the students at this school, are from Latin America and the Caribbean, ages 16 to 22, and are English language learners who have been in the U.S. four years or less and live in single-parent homes. Currently, we implement a youth-led curriculum that directly responds to students’ personal, academic and professional interests and priorities. Our students receive hands-on experience in social skills development, literacy, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy.

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