The Blue Iris Fund was founded in partnership with Glasswing International with the vision of helping children and families affected by migration, poverty, and violence. It counts on support from an aligned and informed community of donors who share the principles of human dignity, as well as the belief in people’s right to seek refuge, but also stay home safely and thrive.


The Blue Iris Fund’s mission is to address the root causes and consequences of migration from Mexico and the Northern Triangle and provide relief and opportunity for those who have already migrated – including those currently living in border communities and those who have returned to their home countries.

Forced Migration

Despite the daunting scale of the human suffering and devastation, there exists incredible resilience and the opportunity to mitigate the impacts of trauma and displacement and restore stability and dignity. Inadequate policies in need of reform have exacerbated the situation, leaving over 60,000 asylum-seekers in limbo in Mexico – without access to counsel, human services, and facing enormous risks.

Four Areas Of Focus











  • Immediate and emergency response during crises: humanitarian support to those in shelters and displaced families.
  • Sustained support: strengthen and build support and resilience among children living in neighborhoods facing highest levels of risk.
  • Address ‘push’ factors: contribute to ensuring environments in which children can stay at home safely and thrive; also enforcing their ‘right to not migrate’.
  • Leverage funds from other donors and international organizations.
  • Grantmaking to grassroots organizations also working with migrants.
  • Engaged philanthropy through Learning Journeys: Be part of a curated journey to understand the root issues underlying violence, displacement, and migration through a unique combination of access to high-level expertise and grassroots insight – all the while making a targeted, direct impact on the communities themselves.

John Sanders
Founder of The Blue Iris Fund

“I did not emigrate to the U.S. and am fortunate to have grown up and succeeded in this great country. I never served in the military nor law enforcement. And while many of the companies I worked at developed technology that helped keep U.S. citizens safe and secure, I felt a patriotic duty to do more. I set aside my commercial endeavors and answered the call to serve the people and country I love.”

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Celina de Sola
President at Glasswing International

“It is critical that we work closely and consistently with migrant children and youth, in order to mitigate the impact of trauma; restore safety, stability, and hope; and provide them the opportunities they need to heal and flourish.”


Regional Work

  • US-Mexico Border Areas: Tijuana, Matamoros
  • Mexico-Guatemala Border Areas: Chiapas
  • Communities in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras that face high rates of violence, poverty, and out-migration