Mental health month sparks global connections

Mental health month sparks global connections

We celebrated Mental Health Awareness Month in May by launching our digital campaign #PathwaysForHealing, to increase emotional self-awareness and share coping strategies for healing by reducing shame and stigma, and increasing capacities to care for self and build social support. 

Featuring global influencers like Fernando Palomo, Daniela Braga, Maria Elena Salinas and Mariana Zaragoza, as well as Glasswing community members, students, staff, volunteers and program participants who joined this initiative, they were able to share their real stories about their emotional experiences and what they did to heal and improve their mental health and well-being. 

Through our website and social media channels, we also shared messages, strategies and resources to find individual and community healing. 

To close out the month we held our third annual Virtual Conference “Reimagine Mental Health” in partnership with Catalyst 2030, on May 30th and 31st. We featured 12 sessions centered on new trends and mental health perspectives from over 45 experts from around the world, and reached more than 900 registrants for the event. 

If you missed the conference or wish to replay any of the panels, the recordings are available at the Zoom event page or our YouTube channel.

These initiatives are part of our commitment of highlighting the importance of mental health and striving for the care and well-being of all communities in the region, making it accessible, especially for those who lack opportunities.