Karol G’s Con Cora Foundation announces “Rincón de la Calma” with Glasswing

Karol G’s Con Cora Foundation announces “Rincón de la Calma” with Glasswing

We are thrilled to share an announcement from Karol G’s Con Cora Foundation! We are grateful for their partnership, commitment to increasing access to mental health, and dedication to empowering girls and women.


  • Announces new initiative, “Rincón de la Calma,” with Glasswing International to impact schools in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala and Dominican Republic

MIAMI (May 8, 2024) – Global artist Karol G’s Con Cora Foundation continues to make an impact through the “Con Cora Tour Latam” and announced “Rincón de la Calma” (Corner of Calm), an initiative in partnership with the organization Glasswing International. With the aim of promoting mental health, the new project will create safe and private spaces in schools where students, teachers, and individuals within the educational community can turn to in moments of despair, crisis, or difficulty. “Rincón de la Calma” will be implemented in Guatemala City, Guatemala; San Salvador, El Salvador; San José, Costa Rica; and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Aligned with the mission of the Con Cora Foundation, this initiative aims to promote an environment of personal transformation and cultivate a community of mutual support, thus contributing to the reduction of stigma surrounding mental health. Hand in hand with educational institutions across Latin America, “Rincón de la Calma” seeks to educate about different relaxation techniques to facilitate the management of emotions using tools that stimulate the auditory, visual, and tactile systems.

“This initiative arises from the need to provide students with tools to manage the impact of stress and trauma on physical health, as well as their ability to manage emotions, behaviors, and learning,” said Valentina Bueno, Executive Director of the Con Cora Foundation. “We are proud to join forces with Glasswing International in creating these spaces that foster an environment of mutual support and personal growth in the educational sphere.”

“At Glasswing, we believe in the potential of all individuals to thrive, despite adversity. Together with the Con Cora Foundation, we are committed to harnessing that potential through education and mental health programs. This alliance will significantly contribute to improving the quality of life for hundreds of girls and boys in Latin America, working together to achieve a positive and lasting impact on their lives,” said Celine de Sola, co-founder and President, Glasswing.

Glasswing International is an organization that addresses the roots and consequences of violence, inequality, and poverty in Latin America through education, health, and community development programs. The Con Cora Foundation creates and supports sustainable projects aimed at empowering women and girls.

In addition, focused on supporting sustainable projects over time aimed at empowering women, the Con Cora Foundation works on two lines of action. The first is oriented towards the equity (justice), equality (opportunities), and empowerment (capabilities) of the women participating in the programs and projects of the Con Cora Foundation. The second is oriented towards a more spiritual level, leaning towards the profound transformation of each of the lives it touches through its programs or projects. Additionally, the organization has supported projects that promote Latin culture, girls in STEM fields, and women’s sports, including sponsorship of Tata Calderón in F2.

For more information about Con Cora Foundation visit https://concorafoundation.org/ and https://www.instagram.com/concorafoundation/.

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