Glasswing Robotics Club students participate in the International World Robot Olympiad

Glasswing Robotics Club students participate in the International World Robot Olympiad

Congratulations to the Glasswing Robotics Club of El Salvador! Members of the team won first place in the “Future Innovators – Elementary” category at the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) competition, held in August in El Salvador. The WRO honors exceptional robotics teams from around the world.

The triumphant trio were Karen (12 years old), Uriel (12), and Cristian (11). With guidance from their mentor, Irvin Serrano, they unveiled their winning project, titled “Puente Levadizo” or “Drawbridge.”

The team designed “Puente Levadizo” to optimize transportation, both on land and over water, in the region encompassing the Panama Canal. The project involves traffic control on a stretch of road spanning a body of water, achieved through a robotic structure that simulates the lifting movements of a bridge. The team’s solution would enhance the safety, speed, and efficiency of vehicular traffic.

As a result of their victory at the national level, Karen, Uriel, and Cristian received an additional honor: They were invited to attend the World Robot Olympiad International Final. The students headed to Panama City in November to present their project on the world stage.

The theme of this year’s international competition was “Connecting the World,” a fitting description for an event that brought together students from 85 countries. The Glasswing team enjoyed the opportunity to travel to another country, befriend children from all over the world, and see others’ inventive projects. They took photos with other participants and collected their signatures on a flag of El Salvador. 

That souvenir will remind them of some of the lessons they gained from the competition. The experience highlighted the importance of believing in their potential and ability to achieve their goals. 

The event’s lessons have already had an impact in the classroom. According to their teachers, since the children participated in the club, their grades have improved, and they are significantly more committed to their schoolwork. They’re planning to continue with the robotics club next year.

We look forward to seeing what they achieve then! 🤖