Glasswing donors raise thousands for Giving Tuesday

Glasswing donors raise thousands for Giving Tuesday

Many thanks to the Glasswing supporters who donated to our Giving Tuesday campaign last week! You helped us raise thousands of dollars for our youth-empowerment programs.

And because a Glasswing supporter matched each donation, your impact was doubled, for twice the generosity. This was the first time we had a donor match all donations for Giving Tuesday; we are deeply grateful for our matching donor’s kindness.

Donations will support Glasswing initiatives across Latin America. These include youth-led projects such as school renovations, the restoration of community play areas and green spaces, increased access to mental health resources, youth vocational training, and more. 

We would like to extend a special thanks to entrepreneur and board member Carmen Busquets for sharing our campaign on Instagram, raising awareness of Glasswing’s programs among her many followers. 

If you missed the chance to support Glasswing on Giving Tuesday, it’s never too late to join our community of donors—and to help children gain access to educational and career opportunities.

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