Donor Spotlight: Mauricio Samayoa, a long-standing Glasswing advocate

Donor Spotlight: Mauricio Samayoa, a long-standing Glasswing advocate

Communications executive Mauricio Samayoa is a treasured partner and ambassador of Glasswing. Earlier in the fall, Mauricio participated in a Glasswing immersion experience in El Salvador. He had the opportunity to meet some of the children who are developing new skills using Glasswing-supplied technology. He also met with hospital staff to hear first-hand about how Glasswing training has helped them with patient care. 

Mauricio was transformed by his trip, but that wasn’t a surprise to him. He’s been inspired by Glasswing’s vision for years—since before Glasswing even existed.

Mauricio has known Glasswing co-founder Celina de Sola since their schooldays together. He remembers when, as a high school student, Celina would create positive programming to keep young people away from drugs. Later, when Glasswing was still just an idea, Mauricio would brainstorm with Celina and Ken Baker, Glasswing’s future CEO, to think about how to share their goals and vision.

Those goals and vision would eventually become Glasswing’s. 

Born in El Salvador and now living in Miami, Mauricio has made previous service trips to his home country, including one when he helped paint schools with Celina. He delighted in seeing the students’ faces light up with joy. 

After his most recent trip, he recounted how some of the students he met were building 3D art pieces at Glasswing computer labs. That art now adorns some of the hospitals that Glasswing serves. 

To Mauricio, the echoing of Glasswing’s mission could be seen and felt in every space he visited, emphasizing the thoughtful nature of Glasswing’s work and how that work builds upon itself over time. 

Mauricio now serves as a member of the Host Committee for Glasswing’s annual gala. To him, the gala is an evening where people can connect and discover new ways to collaborate. It is the perfect time and place for people to meet, find inspiration, and be motivated to reach new heights, while making new friends along the way. 

We are so thankful to Mauricio for being a wonderful friend to Glasswing over the years, from inception to full flight. We look forward to sharing many more memories together.