Celina de Sola speaks at Business of Fashion VOICES 2022

Published on 20 December, 2022 by Glasswing

Celina spoke at the Business of Fashion VOICES 2022 annual gathering in Oxfordshire, where she joined fashion pioneers and innovators, as well as activists, entrepreneurs and disruptors, who are rethinking the future of fashion. Other speakers included Malala Yousafzai, Victoria Beckham, Sue Y. Nabi, Jordan Brand’s Larry Miller and more. 

Celina’s talk “The Lottery of Life: Finding Agency in Circumstance,” which was part of the kick-off session ‘The Wider World,’ explored the idea of how much of our lives are predetermined by the conditions we are born into and how providing others with opportunities and equipping them with the right tools can help them drive change in their lives and communities. Topics addressed in the first session spanned from politics and the global economy to social issues and humanitarian crises. Speakers included Clarissa Ward, Chief International Correspondent, CNN; Dr. Sophie Pinkham, Academic Researcher and Author; Tjada D’Oyen McKenna, CEO of Mercy Corps; Mo Gawdat, Founder and Author, One Billion Happy; Ayman Mohyeldin, Journalist and Anchor, MSNBC; Ziad Ahmed, CEO of Gen-Z marketing firm JUV Consulting; and Tim Ingrassia, Managing Director, Co-Chairman of Global Mergers & Acquisitions, Goldman Sachs & Co.