Celebrating Glasswing volunteers

Celebrating Glasswing volunteers

The Spanish name for the glasswing butterfly is “espejitos”: little mirrors. Just like the reflection in a mirror, the progress we have achieved in the past 17 years is a reflection. 

It reflects the vibrant communities we work in, where young people and local change-makers are leading their own transformations. 

It reflects the tireless determination of our Glasswing team. 

And it reflects the incredible strides that can be made when people come together with a vision to create sustainable change.

Among those people are the 7,000+ individuals who volunteered with Glasswing last year—and the 150,000+ people who have volunteered with us since Day 1. 

This Global Volunteer Month, we would like to say a resounding thank you to each and every one of you! Your passion for helping others has made young people and their families feel safer and more hopeful. Thank you for your time, energy, and infectious enthusiasm for lending a helping hand. 

As Sonia Arteaga, Glasswing’s Regional Volunteer Coordinator, said, “Glasswing volunteers are ambassadors of hope and positive change. You directly contribute to building stronger and more resilient communities.”

“It empowered me to be me”

There are too many inspiring volunteer stories to include in just one article. Instead, we’ll share one of our favorites here. Belén, a 23-year-old, volunteered with Glasswing’s Girls Club in Guatemala. Here is what she said about the experience:

Belén, Guatemala

“Working with children and adolescents has always attracted my attention. When I had the opportunity to join Girls Club, I took it without thinking. When I started studying the topics, I fell in love. I was surprised that such important topics for girls and adolescents were covered.

I was at a time in my life of great pain. I was experiencing grief, and I didn’t know how to express my emotions. I spent the time locked up in my house feeling bad, increasingly sad and more alone. Girls Club came to get me out of that dark moment and give me the opportunity to belong to a beautiful project.

Thanks to Girls Club, I learned to accept my emotions and begin to heal with the girls. Together, we create a safe place to express ourselves and learn from each other. I consider that the topics of this club are very important since they help girls know and love themselves, especially since many of these topics are taboo and are not talked about at home.

Girls Club helped me process my emotions through the community we have created with the girls. It empowered me to be me in all situations. It improved my self-esteem and my relationship with myself. Being a mentor is one of the things I enjoy doing the most. It feeds me and makes me feel that I am fulfilling my work with children and adolescents.”

Interested in volunteering with Glasswing?

We are always looking for volunteers who wish to make an impact. As a volunteer from Honduras told us, “Just as you can change someone’s life, you also change yours.”

We work with volunteers from:

  • Public institutions and foundations
  • Corporations, through signature and employee-giving programs
  • Professional fields (such as medical professionals, lawyers, accountants, designers, communications specialists, etc.)
  • And more

We also organize volunteering trips and other supporter events. 

If you have a passion for giving, we would love to welcome you to the Glasswing volunteering community.

Glasswing volunteers changing the world

Below are some photos of Glasswing volunteers in action.