Celebrating 10 years in Panama!

Celebrating 10 years in Panama!

We are celebrating our tenth year of commitment to community building and resource-sharing in Panama! Since 2013, over 13,461 people have been impacted through the revitalization of public spaces and schools. Over 1,535 students have participated in our education programs and over 2,150 youth have taken part in youth empowerment, life skills and employment programs. Over 1,600 family members received support in parenting, resilience, and healthy habits development.

In 2015 we started the revitalization of our first Community School, with the support of Banistmo, a partner that continues to develop programs in the community with us.

In 2019 we signed an alliance with Google.org and the Inter-American Development Bank Innovation Lab to execute the IT Career for Youth Program.

Our staff in Panama has grown to 24 members as our work continues to spread. We’ve developed education and health programs for communities in Chiriqui to the Darien and over 1,800 students have been impacted through health, clean water and nutrition programs. 

We’ve united over 500 volunteers from companies and organizations, in the regional GENNOW volunteering event and are excited to continue to empower communities to address the challenges they face.