A night of generosity and community at our Ninth Annual Benefit Gala

A night of generosity and community at our Ninth Annual Benefit Gala

On September 21, we hosted our Ninth Annual Benefit Gala, where over 400 Glasswing friends and supporters joined us in New York City. The gala raised over $1 million for children and youth in Latin America, the Caribbean, and New York City. 

The event, which was held during National Hispanic Heritage Month, honored Lucy Doughty, a dedicated philanthropist and entrepreneur. Celina de Sola, Glasswing’s co-founder and president, took to the stage to recognize Lucy’s work in the region, especially in the Dominican Republic and New York City. Glasswing Board Chair John Moore headlined the event.

One of the night’s highlights was a powerful speech by Susana Segovia, a former Community School student from El Salvador. Here are some of her words:

“Glasswing changed my life by opening doors to things I never thought possible, and connecting me to people who believed in me. The thing is, I have always been determined and disciplined, but Glasswing nurtured the leader and changemaker in me. I learned the power of having hope and aspirations…. 

In each corner of Latin America, and here in New York City, there is an aspiration like mine, waiting to be realized. Thank you all so much for being a part of my adventure, and that of tens of thousands of others.”

The evening ended with a performance by special musical guest Alex Sensation.

We are thankful for our amazing co-chairs, host committee, sponsors, and donors for making the night a huge success! Check out the gallery and special moments from the night here.