Mexico is one of the largest countries in America with an area close to 2 million km².

With an area close to 2 million km², Mexico is one of the largest countries in America. Although its the eleventh largest economy in the world, almost half of its population, 55.3 million people (46.2% of the population) lives in poverty and the country has several social problems rooted mainly in social inequality. When it comes to education, school dropout and poor quality put Mexico at serious disadvantages. In 2015, 4,762,863 girls, boys and adolescents 3 to 17 years old (14.4%) did not attend school.

Violence experienced by children and adolescents is also a growing factor, official figures for child labor show that 15.7% of children aged 6 to 14 work, and according to UNICEF data in 2015, Mexico ranks first in bullying cases worldwide.


Our work in Mexico

Since 2016, we have been carrying out projects in Mexico and, in 2019, we opened our first office. Glasswing Mexico implements education programs that seek to strengthen community. Since July 2019, more than two thousand children actively participate in educational programs in six public schools and more than 245 volunteers have participated to achieve this change together.

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