Meet Oveida, a Central American Services Corps: Jovenes Lideres de IMpacto program participant, from Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Oveida is 23 years old and has been participating in the CASC program since November of last year. Before joining the program, she had dropped out of school due to financial problems for six years, which led her to doubt her ability to get ahead in life, both personally and financially. With the stipend she […]

Meet Susie, Community Schools participant

18-year-old Susie became involved with Glasswing in 2019. She participates in several programs, including Emotional Wellness, Discovery Club, Math Reinforcement Club, English Club and Photography Club. In 2020, she began to have negative thoughts and considered dropping out of school. The programs helped her change her thinking and provided her with the support network she […]

Meet José, Jovenes Constructores participant

  My name is José, I am 17 years old and I am in my first year of high school with a diploma in hotel management and tourism at a public school in downtown San Salvador. I have been participating in Glasswing programs for one and a half years. In 2020, I enrolled in the […]

Meet Ingrid, Community Cafe participant

Ingrid grew up in a violent home. Her father used to hit her mother, and he committed suicide when Ingrid was 14. After that, she went to live with her boyfriend. He didn’t treat her badly but he was involved in illicit groups, and she was exposed to his activities. One day, her partner was […]

Meet Ana Camila, Community Schools participant

My name is Ana Camila and I am 17 years old. I am currently studying and in the process of being admitted to college. I also participate in the Finance Club, Speech Club, and Life Orientation Club. Before the clubs, having a stable relationship with my mother was very difficult for me. I was embarrassed […]

Meet Antulia, Raíces Chapinas participant

  My name is Antulia, I am 29 years old, and I live in Quiche, Guatemala. Last year I had a baby, a beautiful baby girl, and although my love for her is the greatest, my path has not been easy, because I am a single mother. I live in a very male centered community. […]

Meet Gerson, SanaMente participant

Gerson, 25 years old, is a survivor of social violence. He was admitted to San Bartolo Hospital in San Salvador where he met a nurse who had been trained as a Sanando Heridas (Healing Wounds) interventionist. She tended to his physical injuries and also made him aware of the psychological and emotional effects an experience […]

Meet Elubia, School Coordinator

Elubia is a program coordinator at a school in El Mezquital, Guatemala, where violence has deeply affected the day-to-day life of the students and their community. She says the Community Schools program and its approach to school-based mental health has been critical in helping youth, teachers, and the community address trauma and begin to heal […]

Meet Katherine, Community Schools participant

Katherine, 17 years old, started participating in our Community Schools program in 2019. She joined the Robotics Club in order to learn how to program and build robots, but says that being a part of the club has given her much more, including friendship, responsibility, and support through difficult times. Today, Katherine is a volunteer […]

Meet Maria, SanaMente participant

My name is Maria. I came from Honduras with my two children and my partner. We fled a very ugly situation in my country, which forced us to leave. It was very hard to leave. It is hard to know you are originally from there, and you have an entire life there, with your family […]

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