Meet Stanley

My dad migrated to the United States before I was born. Throughout my life I have felt a void and his absence has really affected me. When I think that I may never see him, I feel desperate and get very sad. Sometimes it’s hard to think of anything else. I often feel lonely and […]

Meet Eneyda

My name is Eneyda, I am a Debate Club volunteer. For five years, I was also a participant of the same club. Today, I live in San Salvador and study law at one of El Salvador’s best universities. But life wasn’t always this way. When I think about my experience as a student in the […]

Meet Emmanuel

Mourning the death of my grandmother, failing nearly every course, living away from my parents, and making poor decisions, I felt I was losing control of everything. However, our volunteer, profe Renato and the Finance Club became my driving force. In each session, I learned to continue working towards my life goals and never give […]

Meet Sandra

Sandra dropped out of school at 15 after finding out she was pregnant. Despite her lack of formal education, Sandra decided to become a volunteer mentor for one of our Girls Clubs in order to help guide girls and young women in making informed decisions about their bodies and their lives. In the Club, she […]

Meet Bryan

“I lost my mother last year, and the pain I felt is something that I really can’t explain. After she died, I acted out. I was rebellious, disinterested, spoiled, and had a very bad attitude at home and at school. My grades started to slip and I started getting a lot of bad grades. It […]

Meet Eduardo

Eduardo lives in a community that is heavily stigmatized due to violence. Opportunities to break from the vicious cycle of poverty and violence are limited. Making it difficult for Eduardo, as well as his classmates, to believe in themselves and dream of a brighter future. In 2012, Eduardo joined the Debate Club and said this […]

Meet Karla

  Karla is a sixth grader from a small rural village in El Salvador. She joined our Girls Club two years ago where she meets with a group of peers and a mentor to learn about self-esteem, women’s health, life skills, financial literacy and entrepreneurship every week. Karla’s family lives in poverty, but Karla’s entrepreneurial […]

Meet Christian

My name is Christian Montano, I am 20 years old and am a My First Jóvenes Constructores beneficiary – a program implemented by Glasswing International in Ciudad Delgado, El Salvador. This initiative saved my life. Before joining the program, I faced a number of problems in my high school. I was also struggling financially and […]

Meet Mario

My name is Mario, I’m 25 years old and I’m a Glasswing volunteer. I teach Science Club and Debate Club. Growing up, I always felt passionate about helping kids, but my parents didn’t want me pursuing a career as a teacher. So when the opportunity to be a Glasswing volunteer presented itself, I saw it […]

Meet Claudia

My name is Claudia. I’m 14 years old and in the 9th grade.I grew up in the Las Palmas neighborhood of San Salvador, an area that has always been defined by poverty and violence. Growing up in Las Palmas was difficult. I was very combative with my teachers and didn’t do well in school. Four […]