En Casa con Glasswing is a virtual community where volunteers, students, and families share learning experiences, wherever they are. Anyone, anywhere in the world can be part of the volunteer team and deliver live courses and workshops for groups of students living in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Panama. The platform promotes the construction of collective knowledge, multiculturalism and broadens the social impact through video calls.

En Casa con Glasswing is the digital and complementary version of our Community Schools program. Almost 4,000 students have actively participated in our virtual courses and workshops. One-hundred and fifty volunteers have signed up to share their knowledge and teach courses on personal finance, the environment, clothing repair, basic English; self-esteem, how to succeed in your first job interview, healthy eating, and more.


A workshop and a volunteer (anywhere in the world) can transform lives. We can break more borders and make children and young people dream without limits with your help.

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