Community Schools

Transforming public schools into Community Schools throughout Latin America.

A Community School is a public school that shares a commitment with Glasswing, other partners, and its surrounding community, to provide its students with a safer, more supportive, and stimulating environment in which to feel a sense of belonging. Together, we provide students with educational, recreational, and enriching opportunities to ensure that they have the support network and educational opportunities they need to thrive, and are empowered to effect change in their communities.


Safe, Healthy, and Stimulating Environment

  • Infrastructure improvements and equipment donations that enable students to attend classes in better conditions.
  • Access to computers and libraries provide a more dynamic learning environment for both students and teachers.
  • Our presence creates a secure and safe space for children and youth, helping them develop healthy relationships with their families and peers, and increasing their self-esteem.


Academic Enrichment

  • Our programs are comprised of a variety of offerings focused on supporting school curriculums, including: Computer science, Debate, Discovery (Science), English, Glee, Leadership, and more.


Life Skills Development

  • Youth build skills have proven to be important for long-term success, such as leadership, restorative practices, cognitive development, conflict-resolution, problem-solving, and job readiness.


Integrated Communities

  • Energized and positive teachers. Teachers participate in workshops and receive training focused on how to approach teaching and how to empower students.
  • Engaged and supportive parents. School coordinators organize group meetings to spark dialogue amongst parents where they discuss positive changes in their children and learn to value education.
  • Competitive and more ambitious students. Youth have the opportunity to represent their schools in various regional and national competitions and learn to work towards goals.
  • Hundreds of dedicated community volunteers. Parents, teachers, company employees, and individuals are trained and equipped to contribute to students’ personal and professional growth, serving as positive role models.

Empowering Communities
And Changing The Lives Of Children


Impact shown by extensive one year study by the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile :


Improve Academic


Positive Behavior


Better School


Increase Emotional

Extracurricular programs in schools impact the most vulnerable children and youth. Those with higher propensity for violent behavior or poor grades receive the most improvement.

Read The Study:

Reducing Violence and Improving Academic Outcomes in Children and Adolescents: Evidence of Impact of Extracurricular Clubs in El Salvador

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