Despite its enormous potential, Colombia´s growth and its people have been profoundly affected by more than 50 decades of internal civil war and drug cartels rivalry; giving Colombia the country with most internally displaced people (IDPs) in the world, around 7.7 million people have been forced to leave their homes (UNHCR,2018). In addition to internal displacement, the past few years have sought an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, bringing to date more than 1.4 million Venezuelan refugees to the country.


Our work in Colombia

Glasswing established a presence in 2019 and maintains an ongoing commitment to actively integrating multiple actors in achieving social impact, including local businesses, who not only invest financial and material resources, but also provide valuable human resources as volunteers. Glasswing aims to prevent and mitigate the consequences of violence and trauma, increase community resilience, and promote healing in children and young people, by strengthening the social fabric in communities that face the most risks. It will leverage its experience in the region to create safe, healthy, dynamic, and stimulating environments that respond to students’ interests (i.e. sports, arts, academics, leadership and service, science, and technology) and develop core life skills in children and youth and also provide capacity building to teachers, healthcare providers, law enforcement, and other public service providers in order to create a holistic trauma-informed ecosystem.

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