This year, Glasswing turns 10. We turn 10 together!

Published on 15 May, 2017 by Glasswing

As Glasswing celebrates its tenth anniversary, the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile is releasing a rigorous, independent study on Glasswing’s Community Schools programs. The study gives us and everyone who makes our work possible so much to celebrate. We couldn’t be prouder of our staff, volunteers, students, partners, and donors. The research, led by Lelys Dinarte, used Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) to study 1,056 students who received a minimum of two hours per week of mentor-led after-school programs. The findings showed marked improvement in math and science grades, reduced absenteeism, and a higher probability of passing language and reading courses. Students not only showed improved conduct but also displayed more positive opinions of their school. Many more students identified their schools as a safe space, and in return, noted lowered exposure to acts of violence.

These incredible results wouldn’t be possible without our supporters. We look forward to more evidence-based findings showing how our Community Schools programming positively impacts our students, their schools, and their communities.