Meet Sandra

Published on 1 June, 2019 by Glasswing

Sandra dropped out of school at 15 after finding out she was pregnant. Despite her lack of formal education, Sandra decided to become a volunteer mentor for one of our Girls Clubs in order to help guide girls and young women in making informed decisions about their bodies and their lives. In the Club, she covers topics like self-esteem, personal care, and more. “I help girls change the misperception that because they are girls, they are worth less than men,” she says proudly. She says she wishes she would have had a role model who discussed these important issues with her as she was growing up. Every day, Sandra sees her role making a difference in the lives of the Girls Club students, and they’re helping her, too. “The club and the girls have given me a lot, including sparking the desire to go back to school,” says Sandra.