The Howard G. Buffett Foundation expands partnership with Glasswing

Published on 9 December, 2019 by Glasswing

During one of his most recent visits to El Salvador, Howard G. Buffett, CEO and Chairman of The Howard G. Buffett Foundation, announced that the organization would donate another $1M to work with Glasswing and communities on youth violence prevention programs in and around Parque Cuscatlán, as well as $5M to implement an integrated, ‘place-based’ violence prevention and resilience-building initiative in the Municipality of San Juan Opico, working with multiple stakeholders such as: schools, law enforcement, health facilities, municipalities, and community leaders, to prevent and mitigate the consequences of crime and violence. The Howard G. Buffett Foundation first began working in collaboration with Glasswing on the transformation of Parque Cuscatlán – the country’s most iconic urban park, which was riddled with crime and violence, in the heart of San Salvador, El Salvador. Together with USAID, the City of San Salvador, and Architect Felipe Uribe, from Medellin, a safe and inclusive public space was designed, that promotes social cohesion, reduces violence, and enhances opportunity for young people in one of the world’s most dangerous cities.