Starbucks and Glasswing: Transforming community spaces through volunteerism

Published on 12 May, 2017 by Glasswing

Thousands of families will benefit from Starbucks’s community work in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Costa Rica during Global Volunteer Month. The international coffee brand partnered with Glasswing International to improve community spaces and promote safe activities in areas where children and youth converge with the help of 250 of its clients and partners.

For organizations like Starbucks, it’s important to interact with the communities in which they operate through volunteer projects. Yolanda Puente, Starbucks El Salvador’s Regional Manager, said, “We’re proud to be working in public spaces like the Parque Bicentenario where people from the communities we serve thrive and converge.” Participating in these types of activities alongside clients and also gives companies an opportunity to get to know their clients better.

This is the fifth consecutive year that Glasswing and Starbucks partner to transform communities in the Central American region. Celina de Sola, vice president of programs and co-founder of Glasswing, said, “Starbucks is an exemplary company. They invite everyone to become agents of change and positive role models. This can only help us build a better future. It fills me with joy to see them work so hard to generate more opportunities for others.”

With three projects realized during Global Volunteer Month, Starbucks has benefitted thousands of local residents who use parks as an area for entertainment and recess, but more importantly, coexistence. In this same way, volunteering has helped promote the construction of better schools and places to learn, which in turn impact students positively.

In the next few months, Starbucks alongside its partners and clients will continue to realize more volunteer projects in the region in order to continue building a better future for the communities they serve.