Sandra discovers her passion for volunteering through the Girls Club

Published on 16 July, 2018 by admin

Sandra is 31 years old and lives in Apopa. She is the mother and mentor of one of the beneficiaries of the Girls Club at P.S. Borja Nathan. “The club and Glasswing have given me a lot and, more than anything, they have given me back the desire to return to school,” says Sandra, who only attended 9th grade while pregnant.

Sandra’s mother worked all the time and that is why she says it was so hard finishing her studies. She was the one who had to take care of her brothers and nephews, because her sisters, like her, were moms at an early age. “There, by default, I could no longer study,” Sandra, adds. She then gets pregnant at age 19, making it difficult for her to continue her studies. “If I had been in this club, it would have helped me take better care of myself.” She says that although her children are her greatest blessing, she would have wanted more information to make better decisions about her body.

It was Freddy, the school´s health promoter who motivated Sandra to become a mentor and, for three months now, she has been a volunteer at the Girls’ Club. Sandra comments on how the club guides girls about their care and rights. “The most important thing is that it helps them break the existing scheme that just because they are girls, they are worth less than men,” she says proudly. This motivates Sandra to continue, since she sees the difference in the minors.

Sandra not only gets satisfaction for what she does for the girls, but she has also benefited personally. The trainings helped her overcome a difficult situation. “During the workshops, my father died, and, at that time, I thought about giving up on the club,” says Sandra. What helped her cope was the people she met there. Thanks to the support of the group, Sandra raised herself up. She affirms that, as painful and sad as the situation was, she had move on with her life. ¨My club fellows supported me, motivated me and helped me distract myself, so I was not thinking only about the problem.¨ She explains that in the club she always finds support and that there are excellent people involved.

Sandra feels grateful to Nejapa Power and Glasswing, as they allow her to learn and teach what she knows. She says that it’s what motivated her to continue her studies. ¨Most of all they motivated me to want to learn and study in order to teach.¨ She says that, through the club, she has realized that Glasswing truly makes a difference in many lives and is happy to be part of the organization. “I am grateful for the opportunity to help impact lives,” she says. In addition, she is grateful because she feels valued and taken into account. Finally, when asked if she wanted to continue in the club Sandra said, “Oh, yes! If I get the opportunity, here I go, with everything I´ve got!” she laughs.

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