Sandra discovers her passion for volunteering through the Girls Club

Published on 16 July, 2018 by Glasswing

Sandra is a 31 year old mother of three living in Apopa, El Salvador. She dropped out of school after finding out she was pregnant at 15 years old. Despite her lack of formal education, Sandra is now a mentor of the Girls Club at P.S Borja Nathan.


Sandra’s journey began when Freddy, the school’s health promoter, encouraged her to become a mentor. Freddy thought Sandra had great leadership and was very committed to serve others, so she would be perfect for the role. For the past three months, Sandra has volunteered at the Girls Club, guiding the girls on topics ranging from their personal care to their rights as women.


“The most important thing is that it helps them break the existing idea that just because they are girls, they are worth less than men,” she says proudly. This has motivated Sandra to continue this vital mission, since she can see the difference it has made in her mentees. She says she wished she would have had a role model like this when she was growing up.


Every day, Sandra sees her role making a positive difference in the lives of Girls Club students, and they’re helping her, too.  The trainings to become a mentor helped her overcome the death of her father and the emotional trauma thereafter. But what helped her cope and heal were the people she met there and the community she found  painful as the loss was, she has found a renewed meaning and sense of purpose thanks to to the club’s unwavering support and committed staff.

“The club and Glasswing have given me a lot and, more than anything, they have given me back the desire to return to school,” says Sandra.  


“I am grateful for the opportunity to help impact lives,” she says. When asked if she wanted to continue in the club, Sandra said with laughter, “Oh, yes! If I can have that opportunity, I’ll give it everything I´ve got!”


Sandra is not alone. There are close to 25 girls in the Girls Club, who have now felt inspired to start a journey and make a difference. Glasswing has committed itself to supporting communities and building stable foundations for the future. Your support will help us provide the necessary support and hope for children and communities who want brighter futures.