Girls Clubs

Glasswing International develops and implements Girls Clubs in public schools and health clinics in the poorest rural and urban communities in the region. It is an evidence-based, holistic program that develops girls’ social, health and financial assets to build their protective factors, reduce vulnerabilities, and avoid negative outcomes (such as school dropout, teen pregnancy and […]

Emergency Medicine

Glasswing International has trained and certified approximately 22,000 doctors, nurses, first responders, and community members in a region afflicted by devastating numbers of trauma-related injuries and deaths as well as a high frequency of natural disasters. Courses include not only American Heart Association certifications (Glasswing is a certified AHA training center), but also other courses […]

Maternal & Child Health

There is a fundamental need to strengthen and ensure access to basic health services provided to children and families throughout the region. Glasswing works with national ministries of health and private partners to provide pediatric, nursing, and preventative health services in rural communities, where children and families have limited access to quality healthcare. Given that […]