Community Schools

A Community School is a public school that shares a commitment with Glasswing, other partners, and its surrounding community, to provide its students with a safer, more supportive, and stimulating environment in which to learn and belong. Together, we provide students with educational, recreational, and enriching opportunities to ensure that they have the support network […]

Extreme School Makeovers

Glasswing International has revitalized the infrastructure of more than 550 public schools throughout Central America, fueled by the passion and dedication of volunteers. These transformations focus on improving both the exteriors and interiors of each school, renovating everything from kitchens to new classrooms and bathrooms, planting gardens, equipping science and computer labs, supplying libraries, and […]

After-School Programs

Annually, over 20,000 Community School students are enrolled in over 1,000 mentor-led after-school programs across 6 countries aimed at building their core life skills. On a weekly basis, hundreds of volunteers serve as positive role models children and youth, donating their time to lead clubs such as glee, debate, girls, English, science and discovery, sports, […]