Globally, high rates of violence and poverty lead to trauma, irregular migration, and poor educational, social, and economic outcomes for entire communities. Latin America is largely a mental health desert, where access to mental healthcare is extremely limited, especially at the community level.

In order to address these challenges, Glasswing was pleased to host “Healing Wounds,” a virtual mental health conference in collaboration with USAID, UNICEF Guatemala, and Morgan Stanley. We came together to imagine what access to trauma-informed community-based mental healthcare can look like in Latin America — one of the regions of the world most impacted by violence and trauma.





Glasswing International’s programs and methodologies put mental health at the center of solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time. These include:

For years, Glasswing’s “Sanando Heridas” program, a violence prevention initiative, has helped people who have had exposure to social and interpersonal violence cope with the events through comprehensive trauma-informed care. Preliminary results from a study by World Bank Group found that survivors of violence who have been treated by a “Sanando Heridas” specialist trained in trauma-informed care reduce their likelihood of committing a violent act by up to 30%.



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