Latin America experiences some of the highest rates of poverty and violence in the world, resulting in trauma, irregular migration, and a lack of opportunities. Limited access to mental health services and widespread stigma prevent individuals and communities from getting the support they need. This comes at a heavy price: over $30 billion is lost to economies in Latin America and the Caribbean each year due to youth mental health disorders alone, according to UNICEF. The loss of community engagement and social connections due to mental health issues also takes an emotional toll on individuals and their families.

On April 27, 2022, Glasswing International hosted its annual Mental Health in Latin America Conference with Morgan Stanley, UNICEF, USAID, and Catalyst 2030. The virtual event brought together global innovators, development practitioners, young leaders, and funders who share a commitment to making mental health a priority, through improved quality and access.

We explored topics including innovations in mental health care service delivery, funding trends, the rural urban divide, youth resilience, and more.





Glasswing International’s programs and methodology put mental health at the center of solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time. Our goal is to build trauma-informed, mental health ecosystems in partnership with educators, public health providers, law enforcement, and government and migration officials in order to increase access to critical mental health support. Our areas of expertise include:

​​For years, Glasswing’s “Sanando Heridas” program, a violence prevention initiative, has helped people who have had exposure to social and interpersonal violence cope with the events through comprehensive trauma-informed care. A study by the World Bank Group found that survivors of violence who have been treated by a “Sanando Heridas” specialist trained in trauma-informed care reduce their likelihood of committing a violent act by up to 30%.



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