Corporate Volunteering

Glasswing International works with corporate partners to create customized volunteer programs that have a positive and lasting impact on both communities at-risk and on the companies themselves. Our team of experts conducts a diagnosis of each company and community to tailor-make the most appropriate corporate volunteer programs. We then manage each project and campaign to enable companies to make a real difference in their surrounding community. The corporate volunteer projects aim to build teamwork and leadership skills among employees and facilitate positive and effective dialogue between companies and communities. They also engender more dedication and loyalty among employees, and improve corporate image and reputation within the community while simultaneously advancing the needs and interests of each business and community. Our corporate programs range in length and financial commitment, from day or week-long public school or community makeovers with anywhere from 20-3,500 corporate volunteers, to year-long commitments with corporate volunteer educators serving as role models to lead our after-school and vocational programs. To date, we have worked with more than 75 national and international corporations.