President Bukele, Mayor Muyshondt, Ambassador Manes and Mr. Buffett visit Parque Cuscatlan

Published on 12 July, 2019 by Glasswing

Last week, the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele; the Mayor of San Salvador, Ernesto Muyshondt; the Ambassador of the United States, Jean Manes; the Chairman and CEO of The Howard G. Buffett Foundation, Howard G. Buffett; and the CEO of Glasswing International, Ken Baker, visited Parque Cuscatlan to see the progress of the revitalization of this historic public space located in the heart of San Salvador. “For people to believe that change is possible, it needs to be seen. I believe in the people of El Salvador and their potential to create a better future for themselves and their country. The transformation of this park is a reflection of what is possible when we work together toward a shared goal,” said Mr. Buffett, who also received the keys of the city from Mayor Muyshondt during his visit as a symbol of gratitude for the donation of more than $10 million his foundation made to execute this project. The park, now is now in its final phase of construction, is set to open at the end of August.


With this public-private partnership, The Howard G. Buffett Foundation, USAID, the Mayor’s Office, and Glasswing aim to contribute to citizen security in the Central American capital. The primary objective for the revitalization of the park was to reclaim this important space and make it attractive and safe for all Salvadorans. In addition to the $10 million donated by The Howard G. Buffett Foundation, USAID will invest $7.4 million for the sustainability of the public space which will be secured through the work of Fundacion Parque Cuscatlan as well as the Mayor’s Office of San Salvador — both will be in charge of maintenance and activation for the park’s cultural agenda. The municipality will contribute more than $4 million for complementary work.


The Howard G. Buffett Foundation, USAID, the Mayor’s Office of San Salvador, and Glasswing International have been partners in the management of the park’s redesign, its implementation, and the creation of a shared management model of the transformed space. During his tenure as Mayor of San Salvador, President Bukele supported the beginning of this project.