Empowering Communities.
Transforming Lives.

Glasswing International’s cross-sector approach forges partnerships with international and local governments, corporations, non-profits, and civil society. Although globally minded, we are locally driven, allowing us to design, implement, and oversee all of our projects as well as accomplish more for less. We believe in strengthening communities’ existing resources, such as public schools, hospitals, and health clinics rather than building anew. Through our organization, volunteers have an accessible way of making a huge impact on the lives of children and youth in the region.
Our innovative model allows us to have a formula for collective action and impact.

Run by a team of international leaders, 98% of our senior staff is located in the region

We deliver local solutions with a global perspective

We design, implement and oversee our own projects

We eliminate the need for a middleman

We train and mobilize thousands of community members

We empower individuals to become part of the solution and share in the commitment

We connect all sectors of society

We capitalize on existing strengths to create more integrated communities

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