Our Programs

Community Empowerment

Empowering communities is best achieved through local participation. Engaging and training volunteers not only generates economic value, but also important social value. Through our volunteer opportunities, parents, students, teachers, government officials, corporate employees, among others, dedicate their time and expertise to the greater good. By promoting each individual’s potential to make a difference, we maximize program impact and sustainability.

Employment and Entrepreneurship

1 in 5 young men and women in the region – between the ages of 15 and 24 years old – are neither in school nor employed. Workforce development programs build young people’s life and employability skills in order to prepare them to return to school or enter the workforce. Further, we place special emphasis on adolescent girls, creating safe spaces through our “Girls Clubs” where they can strengthen academic and life skills, have access to mentoring, and receive the support they need to thrive.

Special Initiatives

Working in some of the most volatile regions in the world means that unpredictable challenges can arise at any moment. Through our efforts, we maintain a committed and flexible response to effectively take action during times of crisis.


Doctors, nurses, and first responders in Central America generally lack the training needed to address extremely high rates of trauma and medical emergencies. In response to this reality, we train health professionals in cost-effective, life-saving techniques tailored to the local context. We also pay special attention to the needs of women and children, providing maternity and child health services in rural and urban communities across the region.


Children and youth in Latin America face overwhelming challenges stemming from heightened exposure to poverty and violence. We invest in education throughout the region – with initiatives like Community Schools, after-school programs, Smart Schools, and extreme school makeovers – in order to keep kids from rural and urban communities in school and away from violence.