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Since 2010, USAID and Glasswing International have worked together on a regional initiative to engender positive youth development and violence prevention initiatives in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Glasswing’s ‘Community Schools’ model leverages support from teachers, parents, and other community members, as well as local businesses. To date, 424 public schools have been revitalized, with volunteer educators from universities, companies, and communities lead after-school clubs in almost 110 public schools regionally. To date, this partnership has supported more than 68,000 extra-curricular clubs.. Glasswing has also received support from USAID to implement ongoing violence prevention strategies in San Salvador, working with youth and public spaces.
The Howard G. Buffett Foundation

The Howard G. Buffett Foundation

The Howard G. Buffett Foundation first began working in collaboration with Glasswing on the transformation of Parque Cuscatlán – the country’s most iconic urban park, which was riddled with crime and violence, in the heart of San Salvador, El Salvador. Together with USAID, and Architect Felipe Uribe, from Medellin, a safe and inclusive public space was designed, that promotes social cohesion, reduces violence, and enhances opportunity for young people in one of the world’s most dangerous cities. Aside from rebuilding the Parque Cuscatlan, The Howard G. Buffett Foundation is also working with Glasswing and communities on youth violence prevention programs in and around this park.  The Howard G. Buffett Foundation and Glasswing will also be implementing an integrated, ‘place-based’ violence prevention and resilience-building initiative in the Municipality of San Juan Opico, working with multiple stakeholders such as: schools, law enforcement, health facilities, municipalities, and community leaders, to prevent and mitigate the consequences of crime and violence.



Since 2016, FEMSA Foundation and Glasswing International have worked together to promote healthy lifestyles in communities throughout Central America. The program Campaña de Colores promotes the health and wellness, including nutrition and physical activity through sports and recreational activities, encouraging students, families, and teachers to take a proactive approach to health. FEMSA volunteers have also revitalized kitchens and school cafeterias, as well as planting school gardens, impacting 15,875 students, families, and teachers across 44 schools in Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Panama.



Since 2008, Chevron-Texaco and Glasswing International partner on “Fuel Your School” and “Extreme School Makeovers.” This regional initiative, which takes place in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Panama, aims to improve the quality of education, focusing on improving public school infrastructure, and providing both equipment and training focused around STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). Chevron-Texaco volunteers have also completed 53 revitalizations and school equipping impacting over 83,644 students. Chevron-Texaco also trained thousands of families in road and pedestrian safety, to reduce the high number of unnecessary fatalities caused by accidents in high-risk corridors.


Cargill and Glasswing CR make an alliance to execute a Healthy Food project and orchards. This project is currently being developed in 5 schools in the towns of Alajuela and Heredia, where boys and girls have the opportunity to participate in Mini-Chef Clubs, Leaving Footprints and Ambientémonos.

Youth Build International (YBI)

Youth Build International (YBI)

Glasswing partners with YBI to address the needs of Central American youth – 17-25-year-old’s that did not finish high school and are unemployed – through a rigorous six-month program that builds candidates’ life and employability skills, providing them with valuable vocational training, volunteerism and civic participation projects, and job placement.

US Embassy (Guatemala)

US Embassy (Guatemala)

Glasswing is currently working with the US Embassy in Guatemala on a migration initiative in the Western Highlands. The aim of this project is to raise awareness and mitigate the drivers of irregular migration among youth and communities.



Since 2009, Glasswing and HanesBrands, one of the largest employers in Central America, have partnered in El Salvador, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic to improve public school infrastructure and provide after-school clubs to ensure a safer educational environment for students and provide them with complementary opportunities for learning, recreation, sports, and enrichment. Thanks to 1,868 HanesBrands volunteers, more than 7,000 have benefitted annually from these programs.


Since 2010, TELUS and Glasswing International have worked together to create a more structured and positive learning environments for students in two public schools in El Salvador, near TELUS’s offices. As a part of their CSR initiative, and with a strong desire to make a difference in their own community, TELUS employees have participated in six “extreme school makeovers” in El Salvador, including the construction of two large playgrounds. TELUS employees also lead year-round after-school programs each week and serve as positive role models for hundreds of children and youth. They provide educational, sports, and cultural enrichment opportunities to students as well as lead a special initiative for high school seniors called “Mi Primer Empleo.” These programs have benefited the lives of 800 students.


Since 2014, BanPais/Napoleon J. Larach Foundation and Glasswing International have established a meaningful partnership that has benefited more than 2,000 young boys and girls in four schools in the cities of San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa, in Honduras. Additionally, brand-new interactive blackboards have been installed in each school to help facilitate new educational learning and stimulation techniques for the students. The participation of BanPais volunteers within the schools has helped increase the enterprise’s investment and dedication within each community.


Citi Foundation and Glasswing International have partnered since 2011 on volunteering initiatives and youth economic opportunities, through their ‘Pathways to Progress’ initiative. Currently Glasswing and Citi are implementing a high-impact program in 6 countries,that develops core life skills, financial, and entrepreneurial capabilities in public school students, not only to provide them with learning opportunities that help them thrive, but also to help facilitate their school-to-work transition, and support them as they develop micro-businesses through which they learn how to generate income. Annually, the Citi Foundation program impacts over 3,000 young men and women, whose lives are transformed through this year-long educational and vocational program.

Research Partners

The World Bank

In May 2019, Development Economics, and the Development Research Group Conducted by Lelys Dinarte and Pablo Egana-del Sol from The World Bank. They published a paper with the first experimental evaluation of the direct and indirect impact of one of Glassswing’s After-School Programs (ASP) in El Salvador. The intervention was performed in five public schools located in some of the most violent communities in the country. This study, which was conducted by the Pontifical University of Chile and an MIT Researcher, included a sample of 1,056 enrolled students aged 10 to 16 years old. The research team conducted a randomized controlled trial (RCT) involving 1,056 students who received a minimum of two hours per week of extracurricular programming or were part of the control group. Major findings showed a marked improvement in math, science, and reading (compared to those not in the program); reduced absenteeism; reduced aggression; and improved resilience. This was the first independent evaluation (RCT) of after-school programs ever conducted in Latin America.
Currently, World Bank researchers are evaluating Glasswing’s ‘Sanando Heridas’ hospital-based violence prevention initiative, which aims to break the cycle of violence by working with survivors of violence on trauma and mental health. This study is currently taking place

Chicago Crime Lab

In 2018, the Chicago Crime Lab - in partnership with Calm Classrooms and Tinker Foundation - conducted an RCT to evaluate the effects of integrating two interventions - Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) - into the ‘Community Schools’ model. 1,083 students from 18 public schools in El Salvador participated, and were divided into three groups: those that received CBT; those that did Mindfulness; and the control group. This was the first study of its kind, and the results are still being analyzed.

Templeton World Charity

In 2019, with the support of the Templeton Foundation, Glasswing launched a regional randomized control trial (RCT) of the ‘Community Schools’ intervention in 28 public schools in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. 21 of the schools will receive three random types of interventions: Clubs, Mindfulness, and Character Strengths, and the remaining seven schools will serve as control groups. The study is being led by World Bank researcher, Lelys Dinarte, with support from the Asia Economic Institute, Pontifical University of Chile, and MIT.

Multinational Corporations

Avery Dennison

Blue Capture


FEMSA Foundation

HanesBrands Inc.


Telus International







Hellman & Friedman


One Link



BAC Credomatic Network


Duke Energy

Grupo Unicomer


The LEGO Foundation




International Organizations

British Embassy San Salvador

German Embassy San Salvador


Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation

The Whole Child


Clinton Global Initiative


Magicians Without Borders


YouthBuild International

Business in the Community

Friends of Children

Helps International

One Kid One World

Strachan Foundation


Local Alliances
A Ganar

Grupo Agrisal


Buffalo Wings (BW)

Caoba Capital

Cervecería Hondureña

Cruz Roja Panameña

El Encanto


Fundación Gloria Kriete

Fundación Raices

Impresora la Unión

Las Luces

Progressio ICS


Squash para todos

Aseguradora Agrícola Comercial, S.A. (ACSA)


Bienestar Social

Canal 10


CONRED Guatemala


El Rosario

Fundación Coatepeque

Fundación MEZA AYAU

Grupo Solid

Industrias La Constancia

Minera San Rafael Guatemala

Grupo Roble

SOSEP Gobierno de Guatemala

Universidad Rafael Landivar


Banco Agrícola

Bomberos Unidos (BUSF)

Compañía Azucarera Salvadoreña (CASSA)

Cervecería Nacional, S.A.


El Diario de Hoy

FEIH Foundation for Education in Honduras

Fundación Pro Niños de Darien

Grupo Q

La ciudad es como tu

Nejapa Power

San Salvador Mayor’s Office