Our Mission

Our mission is to address the root causes and consequences of violence and poverty through education and health programs that empower youth and communities, and strengthen public systems.


At Glasswing, we believe that every person has both the potential and the right to thrive, no matter what adversity they face.

Throughout Latin America, where millions are born into cycles of poverty and violence, Glasswing harnesses the power of community to create a safer and more prosperous future for us all.

Through grassroots, evidence-based programming and cross-sector alliances, we create opportunities for children and youth – local changemakers – to thrive. With our flexible and localized organizational structure, we are able to respond the needs of the communities we serve with varied and innovative initiatives.

We engage all community actors and stakeholders to ensure sustainable change, while fostering hope and community pride. With the support of thousands of volunteers, we provide children and youth with access to safe spaces, social and emotional skills development, and vocational opportunities in order to build resilience, foster civic participation, and rebuild social fabric from the ground up.

Everything we do is based on a deep belief in human dignity, agency, and potential.