NYC Teens Telling Their Stories for Good

Published on 9 December, 2019 by Glasswing


This summer, Glasswing New York joined forces with GlobalGirl Media in creating our first Summer Digital Media Academy, a direct learning educational media project training 15 adolescent girls ages 14-18 from low income backgrounds in New York City. The project included a three-week intensive journalism and media training focused on issues that matter to the girls, including immigration, education, environment, health, and LGBTQ rights. Our mission is to develop the voices and media literacy of migrant teenage girls and young women by teaching them to create and share digital journalism designed to incubate leadership and drive social change. Through in-person workshops, mentoring, on-site project-based learning, and access to a worldwide network of media partners, we use media training to build confidence and capacity among marginalized young women, preparing them to become the next generation of change leaders. Watch their video.