New Frontiers for Glasswing: Extending Our Presence to the Caribbean, Mexico, Houston, and New York City

Published on 15 May, 2017 by Glasswing

In the last six months, we have extended our presence in the Dominican Republic by opening our first office. We have also widened our programmatic reach by hosting our first volunteer projects in Mexico City, Houston, and New York City. We are delighted to expand our programmatic work to reach more communities in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United States.

In late 2016, we expanded our presence in the Caribbean with the opening of our office in the Dominican Republic. We’ve offered education programming in the country through our Samsung Smart Schools program and with the opening of new office, we will expand our offerings to also include Community Schools this year.

In early 2017, Glasswing hosted its first volunteer project in Mexico with the revitalization of the Francisco Villa Childcare Center in Iztapalapa alongside our partner, Journey – Travel with Purpose. Over 50 volunteers painted murals, gardened, and contributed to beautifying the space that benefits hundreds of children every year. This year, we will increase our operations in the country and continue to benefit children and youth.

In addition to our work in the Caribbean and Mexico, we also hosted our first volunteer projects in the United States. In partnership with Unciomer’s International Volunteer Day, we mobilized dozens of volunteers to paint murals and create dedicated reading spaces to benefit hundreds of public school students from Houston and New York City.