Meet Susana

Published on 2 March, 2020 by Glasswing

My name is Susana. I am 16 years old and I’m in the English Club. I enrolled when I was nine years old and since then, the club has been a fundamental part of my life. I used to be a very quiet, insecure and indecisive person, but once I started involving myself more in the club, all of that started to change. I started to believe in myself. Furthermore, the club has become a place of refuge for me in difficult times, especially with the recent death of my father.


My father’s death left me in a bad place. I was extremely sad and unmotivated. The club has given me the opportunity to distract myself and move on. Instead of becoming bitter, I have learned how to become a better person and have developed the social skills necessary to become a positive role model in my community. This experience has inspired me to keep fighting to break the stigmatization that exists towards the community I live in. I want to show that despite the problems, we are capable and talented.


In addition to helping me with my dad’s death, the club has inspired me to go to college and study modern languages. I have learned that if I want to achieve something, I am very capable of doing it, and that I have to put in a lot of effort to achieve it. Also, the club has helped me get out of my comfort zone by practicing public speaking, translating for foreigners and opening up with more people. I have managed to create very strong ties with my colleagues and volunteers who have supported me and motivated me to continue fighting for my dreams, even in the saddest and most difficult moments.


The clubs have changed my life, and that of all the students. They have given us the opportunity to improve the reputation of our school and community.