Meet Stanley

Published on 22 July, 2019 by Glasswing

My dad migrated to the United States before I was born. Throughout my life I have felt a void and his absence has really affected me. When I think that I may never see him, I feel desperate and get very sad. Sometimes it’s hard to think of anything else. I often feel lonely and want nothing. But since I decided to join the Soccer Club, I’ve managed to distract myself. I have found support in my volunteer and in my clubmates. When I’m there, I focus on what I’m doing. I stop thinking about negative things and I even feel motivated. I would even go as far as to say that I’ve noticed a change in my emotional well-being.

I have started to realize that even though my father is far, I can rely on others who are near. I no longer feel alone. Through the club, I have discovered different things about myself. I have become more social and all this has helped me improve my mental state. I feel more confident and sometimes I dare to think about my future, something that had never crossed my mind before. I think about becoming a pediatrician and, now, I am pretty sure I can achieve it.

Next year, I have to change schools, but thanks to the improvement in my self-confidence which is a result of participating in the club, I’m not afraid to do it. And although I’m sorry to leave and leave my volunteer and my friends, it gives me joy to know that the club will continue because I know there are many children, like me, who need the support that the club has given them.