Meet Pablo

Published on 9 December, 2019 by Glasswing


Pablo (fictitious name) is 26 years old. While working as a bus driver, he was attacked by several unknown people and struck by a bullet. In that instant, his life radically changed. Pablo and his family began the long road to recovery.

Pablo was taken to Dr. Juan José Fernández National Hospital in Zacamil. Once admitted, the hospital staff who had received training from the “Sanando Heridas” program helped him reach physical and emotional stability.

As a result of the attack, Pablo was unable to work and contribute to his family’s income for a few months. He also had to leave his home for safety reasons. Given his situation, after being treated he was referred by the “Sanando Heridas” community liaison to the International Rescue Committee (IRC) humanitarian aid program. This support allowed him to cover the costs of a new temporary home and cover his family’s basic food needs. When he was physically able to work, Pablo was connected to another institution through the referral system. As a result, he was able to learn new skills and participate in a course on engine cooling developed by the “Pedro Ricaldone” Vocational Training Center. 

Pablo says he is grateful to the “Sanando Heridas” program for the care they provided. He says, “If it had not been for the care they gave me, at this time I would not be well, it might have taken me longer to recover… and I am also grateful for the opportunity they gave me…helping me get back on my feet financially and acquire new skills that will allow me to obtain better income in the future.”