Meet Fernanda

Published on 3 March, 2021 by adminEnglish

My name is Fernanda and I am 14 years old. For two years I have been part of the Community Schools program. I started with the Robotics Club and now I am part of the Art Club. Both clubs have awakened my creativity and have helped me realize that my dreams should have no limit.

I have always been a dreamer — my goal is to become a mechatronics engineer. Being in the clubs has helped me keep fighting to reach that goal. Through arts, crafts, and different activities, I have learned to use my imagination and see different perspectives on the obstacles I face. It has also been great to connect and share with my clubmates virtually through the “En Casa con Glasswing” platform during the pandemic. Having that support system right now is invaluable.

I also had the opportunity to attend the “Familias Fuertes” (Strong Families) workshop which helped me learn to express myself better and develop a closer relationship with my mother. It also has helped me get along better with other people, since I used to be pretty shy.

I am grateful for the different programs and activities that continue to motivate us to achieve the life of our dreams. They give us the time and space we need to grow both personally and professionally, and they give us the necessary tools to do so.