Meet Delmy

Published on 2 March, 2020 by Glasswing

My name is Delmy. I’m very grateful to have become a volunteer because this experience has provided a lot of support for me and really has played a crucial role in my life. I, recently, lost my son and went through a very severe depression. I would ponder on why this had happened to me. After a while, I felt the need to dissipate the pain and that’s when I decided to join the after-school program as a volunteer. I started as a Soccer Club volunteer and this helped me distract myself. Even though it was very difficult at the beginning, it quickly turned into a space where I felt safe and happy.


I thought joining the club was a good idea as seeing so many young kids enjoying and working hard for their dreams reminded me of my son. I know he would have loved to have been a part of this, as he always wanted to be a soccer instructor. 


The kids are very good listeners they have supported me from the beginning with words of encouragement and just being there for me when I have needed them. It makes me very happy to feel that I have become someone important to them as well and that we have formed a very strong friendship in which we support and listen to each other because we all carry different burdens.


After a while, my husband joined the club, it helped us both get out of the hole we were in. It has also played a very important role in our marriage, now we have something in common that we enjoy doing together, our communication has improved, and we are motivated by the new experiences that await us every Saturday.


The club has given me a purpose in life, it has taught me that even in the midst of pain you can help others, giving them love and some of our time. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity — for the support the kids have given me, for teaching me so many things, for  allowing me to become an example for children and youth, and for helping me see life from a different perspective.