Meet Amelia

Published on 2 July, 2020 by adminEnglish

My name is Amelia. I’m 14 years old and live with my parents, two sisters, and my brother-in-law
in a high risk area in Guatemala. I was in my second semester of high school when the Covid-19
pandemic forced the government to suspend classes.

During this period of social isolation, my family has struggled. My father has a kidney disease and
must undergo regular hemodialysis which prevents him from working and being able to provide
for our family. Our livelihood depends solely on my mother’s income. She works in the informal
sector. Currently, we’ve been having a tough time since she can’t travel or sell goods on the street
like she used to.

In order to help both my family and community during the pandemic, I decided to put the
knowledge and resources I acquired in the Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Development
(L.E.A.D.) program into practice. I realized that there was a shortage of hand sanitizer in my
community, so I began to make it and sell it at a more accessible rate. With my income, I have
been able to purchase food and basic necessities to help my family survive.
I’m extremely proud of this endeavor as I am not only helping my family generate extra income,
but also helping out my community.