Learning with LEGO

Published on 15 May, 2017 by Glasswing

Glasswing International and the LEGO Foundation have formed a partnership that will benefit approximately 10,000 children and youth. The foundation donated 600 LEGO brick boxes and trained more than 60 people from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras in using LEGO bricks to facilitate learning.

The collaboration between the two organizations promotes learning through play as essential for early childhood development. These play spaces, fully equipped with LEGO bricks and other exciting, educational materials, aim to make learning an enjoyable experience for children and youth. In El Salvador, the LEGO activities will form part of the Castillo Venturoso programming, the real-life castle that was donated to Glasswing in 2016 and is now an Education and Cultural Center that carries out stimulating educational activities for children and youth.

The opportunity to play with other children their age, explore their curiosity, and spark their imagination through play-based learning during a child’s early years helps develop many important life skills, including creativity, conflict resolution, and empathy. In Central America, where children and youth generally attend severely underfunded public schools and where the drop out rate hovers around 60% by the time students reach the ninth grade, initiatives where play is prioritized as a tool for effective learning have the potential to transform the way students acquire knowledge and core life skills, providing them with the tools they need to thrive.