Innovation & Cross Cutting Themes

Public Spaces

Public space is a vital component of a prosperous city. Well-designed and managed public spaces are a key asset for a city’s functionality and have a positive impact on its economy, health, climate, safety, integration, and connectivity. Working in some of the most violent regions in the world, the high rates of homicide and crime, increase citizens’ fear particularly in public transportation and public spaces, which contribute to low levels of civic participation, coupled with extreme social and political polarization and distrust. Through our public space revitalization programs, we empower citizens to actively participate in the creation, revitalization, and maintenance of public parks, schools, and health facilities.


Individuals and families that have fled and forcefully migrated to Mexico and the United States from Central America have faced life-threatening situations, and often suffer from trauma. When they are returned to their home countries, many local institutions and organizations are unequipped with the necessary skills to provide immediate trauma-informed care and referral services.

Understanding that forced displacement is both a product and cause of acute and chronic trauma, since 2014, Glasswing’s goal has been to mitigate the social and emotional consequences of forced migration in both the immediate and long-term. In El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, Glasswing has been building the trauma and mental health capacity of both government and community institutions involved in repatriation and reintegration.

Aside from building capacity, Glasswing has also been providing ongoing direct support at the community level, through the provision of ongoing psycho-social support, resilience-building, and core skills development so girls and young women that have been returned can get access to the resources they need to re-build their lives, and prosper.