‘Idea Jam 2019’: Empowering Migrant Youth in NYC

Published on 9 December, 2019 by Glasswing

Glasswing International partnered with Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures (DV) to host ‘IdeaJam 2019’ at International High School at Union Square, a school for recently arrived migrant youth. DV volunteers worked with junior and senior students and taught them how to generate solutions from a given problem that would later result in a business or product. Students were split up into three separate teams and tackled the problem: “How can we help a new student feel welcome at a school.” The teams spent the morning learning how to research a problem, ideate, and then turn their idea or solution into a business. DV volunteers guided students as they developed and reinforced leadership, presenting, decision making, and problem solving skills. Students were exposed to job opportunities in the tech field such as, design, engineering, technology, sales, and product management.