Glasswing to turn real life castle into center for youth

Published on 12 May, 2017 by Glasswing

Banco Agricola has donated the Castillo Venturoso to Glasswing! The castle had been privately owned since 1951. Glasswing plans to turn the historic landmark located in downtown San Salvador into an integrated education and cultural center for children and youth. Workshops, library services, and pop-up art exhibitions will be available to kids, parents, and guardians every month.

This donation marks the first piece of the cultural center which is being built at Parque Cuscatlán, one of the most emblematic public spaces in all of San Salvador. Other components will include sections for Tin Marin Children’s Museum and the Salarrue National Arts Center. Primary beneficiaries will be children and youth who will gain access to cultural stimulation, education, and entertainment since early childhood. Plans to expand the amount of partnerships to create a larger and more valuable interchange of information are in the works.

Castillo Venturoso’s unique architecture, structure, and design have made it a historical reference point in El Salvador over the years. It is also the only castle in the country. This revitalization comes at a time when Salvadorans are looking to feed their hunger for the arts. Banco Agricola’s donation will not only nurture that, but will also help instill in a love for arts and culture in its people. It will also promote its future development.

“For the past 20 years, we’ve kept this gem of a castle in the middle of Colonia Flora Blanca in nearly perfect condition. We have no doubt Glasswing International will do the same. It’s an honor and gives us much pride to know that this space will now be open to the Salvadoran public. They will be able to enjoy its rich history and spread the love for arts and culture,” said Rafael Barraza, Executive President of Banco Agricola.