Glasswing students head to Costa Rica to compete in World Robot Olympiad 

Published on 15 May, 2017 by Glasswing

Henry, Naomy, and Gerardo are members at the Robotics Club at P.S. Republic of Canada in San Salvador, El Salvador. They form part of the group that attended the national elimination round for the World Robot Olympiad in Soyapango, El Salvador last year. In the event, more than 30 student teams, mostly private school students, participated.

With a smile on his face, Gerardo confesses to feeling overwhelmed after meeting the other competitors. “At first, things were not working well. The rest of the team wanted to give up, but I wanted to keep going,” recalls Naomy, who convinced her teammates to change the robot’s programming to a much simpler version in order to make it function. Thanks to this change, her team won the national elimination and will participate in the World Robot Olympiad, to be held this year in Costa Rica.

The competition’s theme was recycling robots. The challenge was to create and program robots that picked up LEGO bricks, which represented recyclable material and trash, in order to then classify the pieces and place them in the appropriate bin, according to their color. The challenge lasted two hours. The teams had one hour to construct, one hour to program, and 30 minutes for trials. In the end, they were given an extra half hour since no one was making progress until Henry, Naomy and Gerardo’s team won!

Now, Henry, Naomy, and Gerardo have decided to go a step further and become mentors for other students at their school. They are all now Student Leaders, supporting Robotic Clubs for younger students in their school.