Glasswing partners with Google and IDB Lab to launch IT vocational program in Panama

Published on 9 December, 2019 by Glasswing

This month, Glasswing received a $900,000 grant from and IDB Lab to help 340 young people in Panama seek gainful employment in the informational technology sector. With the launch of Google’s Professional IT Support Certificate in Spanish, these secondary school graduates will be given practical training to do IT support work, benefitting both the job seekers and Panamanian companies seeking to fill vacancies with trained professionals. The program, available at Coursera, is composed of video lessons, reading, practical labs, and interactive widgets that train people in problem solving and customer service, networks, operating systems, systems administration and securing – all the basics required to provide adequate IT support. Additionally, with the support of IDB Lab, Glasswing will provide students with socio-emotional skills training, which aims to prepare them fully for the labor market, as well as face-to-face technical and practical support in their journey to employment.