Getting the word out!

Published on 6 November, 2017 by Glasswing

Jarson is 15 years old and a ninth grader at P.S. Marcelino Pineda López, a Glasswing Community School in Honduras. He has been a member of the Communications Club for three years. Since then, he has also joined the Debate and Leadership Clubs. ‘‘Participating in Glasswing’s clubs has been a valuable experience. Not many young people can take advantage of these type of activities. Now I can share what I’ve learned in the Communications Club with others,’’ he says.

Jarson admits that before joining the after-school programs, he didn’t do well in school but now that has changed. ‘‘Before joining the club, I wasn’t interested in classes. I had no motivation to go to school and this created problems between me and my parents because even though they scolded me, I didn’t want to study.’’

From the moment when he joined the first club, he became motivated to put in effort into all of his classes and he’s been able to perform well academically in addition to leading a Communications Club for younger students at his school, serving as a mentor and positive role model for students like him.

Jarson co-leads his school’s newsletter. This means he oversees the newsletter’s production, manages collecting, writing, and editing stories, and is also a photographer. He and his Communications Club classmate, Marlon, use the newsletter as a space to highlight information relevant to the student body and teachers.

‘‘I think communication is one of the most important skills we can have. With the newsletter initiative, we hope that all students have access to information. I like to think that we contribute to fulfilling the sustainable development goals in addition to motivating others to join different Glasswing Clubs,’’ he says.

Jarson has excelled as one of the school communicators and is always invited to participate in all school events that take place year-round, making his school and his family proud.